February 13, 2013

My Boys' Toxic Lunches

Since attending the South Georgia Sustainable and Local Growers Conference in Reidsville, Georgia, last month, my husband and I have been paying more attention to the ingredients in our food.  Yesterday, I was reading posts from Food Babe,  100 Days of Real Food, and stopkillingmykids.com.
This morning, I started looking at foods from my pantry that we regularly eat.  I did not know until yesterday that we were eating such horrible things:  MSG, also known as yeast extract;  Partially or Fully Hydrogenated Oils, also known as trans fats; High Fructose Corn Syrup;  Soybean Oil; ...

Today, in my kids' lunches, I sent sandwiches made with
Hydrogenated oils, Mono- and Diglycerides
Corn syrup, HFCS, maybe Sodium Citrate is bad and
I just haven't figured that out yet!

They also have this for a snack

Animal Crackers - Soybean oil, HFCS, Soy Lecithin,
Natural flavor - I'm suspicious of that not, too.

 Furthermore, I looked at the bottle of ketchup.  I love ketchup, and this is my favorite.
HFCS, Corn syrup. I suppose I'll be learning to make
my own ketchup this summer!

I am so mad right now.


  1. We all need to re-evaluate what we eat and go back to growing our own gardens, canning our own veggies. Why would a company need to use a "high fructose corn syrup" and then another "corn syrup" is listed right after it. Too many preservatives!!! Too much junk added to our food!!!

  2. Have you ever looked at sauce packets you get from fast food restaurants? I threw all of mine away after reading the ingredients. I wrote about it here: http://www.planprepareandprovide.com/2013/01/throwing-out-sauce-packets.html

    I'm also going to make my own ketchup once my bottle of organic runs out!

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    1. I'll check it out. Thanks for the invitation.

  4. Isn't it infuriating?? I learned I have a corn allergy a couple of years ago and started reading labels and was totally in shock!! I was very upset with myself for feeding this stuff to my kids. It's been a slow process getting this yucky stuff out of our diet and I'm still learning....but it's worth it.

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