July 29, 2010

Committing Commerce

   Hi, there. As of last night, I absolutely could not stand the thought of sitting in this house one more day. There isn't a lot to do here in our new town that does not involve being outside. And, since it's so hot, we have pretty much been sitting in the house doing nothing but watching tv and playing with Legos.  Here are a few of the boys' creations:

A Lego City

A Lego Helicopter and Helo-pad  

   I decided that the boys and I needed a day trip to Savannah to do some shopping. I hit Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Sam's Club and Toys 'r Us (or "Toys for Us" as Boy 2 calls it). We even went to Chick-fil-A - twice! Oh, how I miss CFA! I could have literally spent all day looking around in BB&B. I went there to buy some T-discs for my new Tassimo coffee maker my in-laws gave me for my birthday. 

Tassimo T-DiscsImage via Wikipedia

I think I actually stopped in mid-sentence in awe as I walked in the door and saw HOW MUCH STUFF was in that store. I've forgotten what it's like to have a selection. Of course I had a fist-full of those 20% off coupons I'm constantly receiving in the mail. They are worth saving.

   Adjusting to the limited number of quality buying opportunities that a small town offers has been tough. (Now, if you're looking for something made in China that only costs $1, we have 4 different stores for that.) I haven't needed to do a lot of shopping, but it was nice in our former town to be able to run out and get whatever I needed whenever I needed it. Plus, I LOVE shopping and have really missed  it. Savannah is 90 miles away, and I can drive there in about 90 minutes. It's not too far if I have the better part of the day to spend, but I definitely can't just go whenever I feel like it. 

   I'm thinking that I need to do a couple of things when it comes to the shopping transition into my new surroundings. First, I need to do a better job of keeping track of what we need so that I can take care of all of it in one big day trip to Savannah. I'm the queen of lists, so this won't be a problem. Second, I need to become the master of on-line shopping.  I'm a long-time Land's End customer, but I need to expand my horizons.  Any suggestions? 

   The upside of all of this is that we have been spending WAY less money since we moved than we used to, which is nice. I plan to keep it that way. You just don't need as much "stuff" in a small town - less pressure and simpler living.

   Any-hoo. Time to tuck in the boys (45 minutes late). I hope that wherever you are, you're keeping cool. And, let me know if you have any on-line stores that you recommend.

Good night, ya'll.

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  1. Well, you know I don't have any online shopping suggestions. I also had to adjust to the shopping dilemma when I moved to Jasper but my options are not as far away as yours. I too have stopped spending as much with the limited availability. My biggest gripe is that I cannot find sewing notions anywhere near me except Wal-mart and they are discontinuing the fabric department in all their stores around here!!! An employee told me that fabric and notions are big sellers but corporate makes all the decisions for the local stores and in their wisdom decided to eliminate that department. Thank you Wal-mart for giving me another reason to dislike you...yet I still shop there...someone please stop me! BTW...my grandsons are awesome Lego builders.

  2. Oh my gracious......I'm a big online shopper. I love LL Bean, J. Crew and Vineyard Vines. I'm also a huge fan of eBay.
    Now about those Legos....my son's are Lego fanatics. I'll tell you what. They have those things all over our house. I even find them in the pots and pans. I see little blocks of color in my sleep.
    It's starting to cool off here, so maybe the cool air will start to blow your way.


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