February 25, 2011

Roof and Porches

Here are three pictures I took yesterday. They are not a very good quality as I used my phone to take them. It rained pretty heavily all morning, so this is probably all that will happen on the site until Monday. However, by then we should be nice and dry, and no rain is forecasted until next Friday!

Nothing much has changed on the front of the house since the last post except that the roof it now black. I don't know what it's called, but the material came on a roll and looks like some kind of paper. Either shingles or a metal roof will be added later - we haven't decided yet. If you look closely through the second floor, you can see the roof over the one-story part of the house on the back that was added yesterday.

Here is a view of the left side of the house. There's the roof being added to the back. The one-story part of the house is the family room and sun room. Also, there is a covered porch. In the finished attic over this part will be the boys' bathroom and playroom. 

This is a picture of the same side of the house as above, but here you can see a side view of the two front porches. I cannot wait to sit out there enjoying a nice cup of coffee and some quiet country air!

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  1. We have been waiting for these pictures! It looks so much bigger now than when we were there. Things will really move quickly since weather won't be a huge issue for most of the remaining work. I can't wait to sit on those porches either. You know your Daddy will enjoy it!


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