March 3, 2011

Almost Ready for Windows & Roof!

I found out today that our window order should arrive any day now, which is a good thing because our builder is just about ready for them. The dormers have been added to the guest room above the garage and the rear of the house is almost finished.

Front of house.
Rear of house. That's the garage on the the left.

This is the rear of the house, but with a look at the covered porch.
 Today, I have to pick out my ice maker and wall oven, so that we can finalize and place the cabinet order. I must say that we are so very excited about this house, but all of the myriad decisions is stressing us out a good bit. I'll be so glad when it's over. On a nicer note, our daylilies that we dug up from Mr. Perfect's sister's yard are very happy in their temporary home behind our well.


  1. I can hardly wait to get down there! How nice of you to build me a room. I am rooting you some forsythia from your house in Lawrenceville.

  2. I LOVE your house! How fun it must be to be building one with growing anticipation. Now that I'm back to regular blogging, I'm excited to see the journey continue. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE covered porches!!!


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