April 30, 2011

Almost-Complete Exterior

At last, I have some news to report on the home front: the exterior of our house is almost finished. The only thing left to do is paint the garage, add the brick steps and porch columns, and build a roof over the side stoop. Inside, the wiring is complete, the plumbing is roughed in, and the HVAC is installed.

Columns, steps, rails, and some finishing trim are all these porches need now.
We will pour a patio on this side of the house. Steps from the dining room
and a roof over the stoop have to be added.
The side porch needs steps and columns.
I've got to pick out a garage door soon.
Here is my front door. I'm very happy with it.
For some reason, I couldn't get my camera to flash. 
I think it's interesting to see what is going to be behind our walls.  
Isn't it cute how these HVAC lines are strapped up? I guess I thought
they would just lay on the floor.
Any storage space I thought I would have in that attic eave
is clearly not going to happen.
About three weeks ago, I planted these strawberries. They are already putting on fruit.
I ordered ten plants from Gurney's, but there were 24 in the box they sent!
That's all to report for now. Currently, the move-in date is the second week of June. Let's hope that doesn't change - again.  Have a super day!

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