June 18, 2011

Finally, a new post

The house project is moving along... slowly, but surely. We had hoped to be in the house by June 1. Now, I'm hoping to be in by August 1. Here are a few pictures of the progress:

Next week, exterior painting should be completed, interior trim will begin, gutters should be installed, and, hopefully, the concrete for the parking area, porch stairs and patio will be poured.  I hate to be a pessimist, but I'll have to see it to believe it. Some of the subs that came HIGHLY recommended to us have turned out to be unreliable. The trim guys have been pretty much holding up the entire project for two weeks. They say they will start Tuesday. If we can find someone else to do it before then, we've decided that we'll fire them. 

There are many positives to designing and building your own house, but there are a couple of things I've learned after going through this process twice:
1 - it will take twice as long (at least) as you expected;
2 - you will wind up hating with a hot passion at least half of the subs you hire.

Enough being negative - we are very excited about our new home and hope that we never move again. So, if it takes a few more weeks than expected, is that really such a big deal? Probably not.

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