December 3, 2010

I miss Williams-Sonoma + a Giveaway

I did not realize how much I miss Williams-Sonoma until this Christmas season. Mr. Perfect and I always went there and picked up some treats for our kitchen around this time of the year. Their products are not the least expensive ones around. However, any time we had a problem with something we bought there, they made it right. Also, whenever you go into a W-S store between Thanksgiving and New Year's Eve, there is something yummy baking or brewing. It smells so good there!
Hot Chocolate Pot
We gave this to our moms last year. I hope they are using them. If not, they should feel free to send it my way. LOL

Nutcracker Dinnerware Collection
I LOVE nutcrackers. I'd like to have a Christmas table set with this one day.

Sticky Paws
I'm afraid that if I had a box of these right now I'd eat the whole thing!

Peppermint Bark
I'm thinking about trying to make this at home this year. Anyone have a good recipe?

12 Days of Christmas Party Crackers
We buy these to use December 26th after our Boxing Day dinner.

Illy Espresso, Whole Bean, Medium Roast
If you like to make espresso drinks at home, I recommend giving Illy a try.

In previous years, we've stocked up on mulling spices once they go on sale near Christmas. I cannot find them on the website now. I also can't find any cocktail mixers. I used to buy one each year to put in Mr. Perfect's stocking - kind of a joke since he didn't drink them, but just mixed them for me. I don't see them either. I wonder what happened? Maybe they are still in the stores. I think I'll take a drive to Augusta this weekend to check it out...

Now, for some fun: monogramchick has a super giveaway going right now. Drop on by her blog to check it out. Winners will be announced Sunday, so hurry!  Don't you love these cut travel mugs?

¡Feliz Navidad, amigas bonitas!


  1. I do use my chocolate pot and I love it. I miss Williams-Sonoma too!

  2. I'm your newest follower! love your blog!! :)

  3. I worked for WS for a season and never made a dime. Actually, come to think of it, I spent more than I made, but 40% off is a good discount.
    I loved the holidays because they would open up all these candy samples and set up a tray in the back room, I would hang out next to the tray all day. I also loved their aprons. Can never have enough aprons.
    I think WS should market a room spray and call it the scent of WS. I'd buy it.

  4. I love their hot chocolate, their peppermint bark, their oils,v their spices and most of all I love my husband in the kitchen using them :)

  5. The fanciest and most diverse food-stuffs retailer is also my local mega-grocery store that regularly sells bruised produce at twice the price anyone would ever pay. At this point, I would give my right arm for a simple Hickory Farms basket, fruit of the month club - a godsend, real petit fours - if I were going to have children, I might offer up my first born. I can however, still get good liquor. Everyone has to have their priorities! I understand your withdrawals from W-S, I marvel over the catalogs and website, and rue the shipping charges!


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