January 13, 2011

House Update

It seems funny to call this post "House Update" when there is no house yet. However, progress is being made. We now have electricity on the property and a well! A few weeks ago, most of the pine trees were cut and hauled away. Next, the stumps were dug up and removed from the house site, driveway and the immediate areas around the house site and driveway. Then, the area was smoothed out. Here's a picture of what it looked like afterwards.

The footings have been poured for the foundation, and the blockwork is supposed to begin today.

I've been told that the framing of the first floor will be finished in time for me to order cabinets by January 25. Things should start rolling along much faster after that. The one thing I'm trying not to think about is the actual move across town. Hopefully, though, we'll have some time to move things like clothes and kitchen items during the span of several days instead of having to box everything up again. I do know that no matter when we move, I am going to be very thankful to finally be in a more permanent situation.
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  1. Congratulaions! Can't wait to see your progress- very exciting!

  2. As daunting as that looks, I would love to be designing and building my own house. What a fabulously exciting undertaking.
    My boys would be riding their bikes and having a blast in that open dirt.


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