November 27, 2010

Georgia has a tartan...?

Did you know that Georgia has an official tartan?

State Tartan 

I love it. Since I started doing genealogical research several years ago I have loved anything to do with Scotland. So, this is a very exciting revelation for me!

According to the Secretary of State's website:  The tartan commemorates the founding of the state of Georgia and combines elements in the design associated with its historic past. General Oglethorpe commanded the Highland Independent Company of Foot which, in 1746, wore the Black Watch tartan. Captain John ‘Mohr’ MacIntosh is remembered in the MacIntosh red. Georgia tartan is much in evidence at the annual Stone Mountain Highland Games held in Atlanta.

Do any of you know if your state has its own tartan?

Well, I can tell you that many, if not all, do. 

South Carolina and North Carolina share the same tartan:

The official Carolina tartan


Tennessee state tartan pattern


Utah State Centennial Tartan


Photo of the California State District Tartan pattern

This one is registered with the Scottish Tartans World Register, but is not yet recognized as the official tartan of Virginia by the Commonwealth's legislature:

Photo of the Virginia Quadricentennial tartan plaid

Aren't they pretty? If I find a good source for buying tartan fabric, I'll let you know. I think some pillows in Georgia's official tartan are in order for my new house!


  1. How cool is that? I had no idea. I love that you can have such a subtle state pride mixed in your decor.

  2. I absolutely love it. Does Colorado have one? If it does, it's probably some lumber trucker flannel plaid.
    Who gets to claim Blackwatch plaid? If no state has it and Colorado doesn't "officially" have it's own, then I'm calling dibs on Blackwatch for Colorado. Everyone good with that?


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