November 18, 2010

Football Weekend

I'm still running around like a turkey with it's head cut off (and having a great time), but I thought I should post an update anyway.  Last weekend we went the the UGA @ Auburn game. It ended about like we expected - with a loss. We had a super time anyway. It was the boys' first college game.

The night before the UGA game, we drove to the remotest part of southwest Georgia possible for a high school playoff game. We lost that game, too. But, we were so proud of our team. One of my students (and football player) told me Monday that Boy 1 came up to him after the game Friday night, shook his hand and said, "I've thoroughly enjoyed watching you play football this year." How cute!
Our business sponsored the radio broadcast of the game. The boys got to go to the radio station and help cut the ad. At the end they yelled, "Go Crusaders!"

I hope you are all relaxing as much as possible, and that you enjoy these wonderful days leading up to the "Holiday Trilogy" of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

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