November 20, 2010

House Progress


after almost a full year in the rental house,

we have started our house-building project.

The finished product will look similar to this:


Here's what it looked like on Wednesday morning:

And, here's what it looked like Thursday afternoon:

Our house will go just about where the big pile of logs is, only further back towards the standing trees (only they will be gone by now).

We don't expect to have anything more then the foundation  completed before Christmas. The builder said he preferred not to have the lumber for framing sitting around the work site for the week they take off at Christmas, so we'll start putting walls up the last week of the year!


  1. Love the house style - so excited for all of you. We'll go see the progress when we come down after Christmas. Yea!!!!

  2. Wow! When do I need to make reservations so I can be the first to stay in the new house?!

  3. You are going to love building your own home. It's alot of work and fustration but worth it in the end. We did the same thing 2 years ago. We rented a lake house fo a year while we built our dream home. (You can see my house picture on BearSheCottage.blogspot) We are really proud. We did most of the work ourselves. Have fun.


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