September 25, 2010

Tennis, Anyone?

   I have officially signed Boy 1 and Boy 2 up for tennis lessons. Secretly, I'm jealous that I'm not the one taking lessons.  Boy 1 didn't want to do it. But, I told him that his school has a tennis team, and he's on it, so he had better learn to play. Miraculously, that worked. The truth is, there are no try-outs for sports at our little school, so he totally can be on the team - in about six years. By then, he should be awesome!  Maybe this awesome... ?

   On another sports-related note, we drove 2.5 hours last night to watch our team play football. It was SO worth the drive - one of the best games I've ever seen. Boy 1 and Boy 2 actually watched 4 or 5 plays before they went off to roll in the grass like two retriever puppies. And, that's exactly what they looked like - rolling, wrestling, play fighting, knocking each other over, etc. Good times were had by all.

   I hope you all have a super weekend.
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