October 9, 2010

The Real Squeal

   Well, it's bar-be-que time down here in So Georgia! This weekend is the Real Squeal. Cute name, right? I am boycotting it. Not because I don't like bar-be-que, but because I'm still trying to lose weight. However, Mr. Perfect went, and I told him to bring some home to me. I figure that's safe since it will only be a limited supply instead of the infinitely tempting one at the park.

    Today, I will be trading out my summer and fall clothes. I'm looking forward (but a little afraid) to see if the clothes I haven't worn for seven months will fit any better than they did before.

    On another note, at our little school, each Friday for the six weeks leading up to the Fall Festival is called Sweets Day. A different elementary grade is in charge of it each week. Families bring in candy, cookies, cupcakes, soda, crispy treats and any other sweet imaginable to sell as a fundraiser. The kids could also pay a dollar and have their hair painted. At the Fall Festival, the grade that raised the most money wins.  It was also Cheerleader Hush Day, so after school the ones that couldn't keep their mouths shut all day long got pied in the face. Let's just say that by game time last night, every kid there was completely crazy! At halftime they went out on the field and ran around like a bunch of possessed feral pigs (BBQ reference :-)) I wouldn't approve of such sugar consumption normally, but every once in a while won't hurt. Plus, it was SO funny.
Wild pig - Sus scrofa Wild pigs stop near the ...Image via Wikipedia
Here are Boy 1 and Boy 2

   BTW, our guys won the game!  Also, I actually was a little cold by the end of the game. I'm not complaining - it was actual football weather - finally!
   I hope you all have a super weekend. We don't have to go back to school until next Wednesday!
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  1. Real Squeal, Sweets Day...I'm moving to Georgia!


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