October 21, 2010


Really, he is just cute. 

    Tonight was Boy 2's first pack meeting as a cub scout...he's a tiger!  He was so proud of his uniform. Look at him posing!  Where did he learn that?   I told him to go stand outside so I could take his picture, and when I got there, this is what he was doing.

   When I told him I wanted a picture of his neckerchief from the back,  this is how he posed...

   Boy 1 left so fast with Mr. Perfect, that couldn't get a picture of him. Maybe next time...

   You all have a super weekend.


  1. Yes, he is so cute and I can't wait to squeeze him! He is full of confidence and cockiness!

  2. Super cute! As are you! Love this blog!!!

  3. Awwww look how excited he is. Scouts are awesome.


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