October 12, 2010

Kitchen Designing & a Giveaway

   I just finished shopping for kitchen cabinets. It was much easier this time than a few months ago. Why? Probably because I didn't have to do all the research again. But more likely, because I don't care that much anymore - I JUST WANT TO BUILD THE HOUSE!

   I'm thinking of going with either a red, white and brown theme OR a red, white and black theme. The red would just be in the accents, and the white is more of a linen.
This is the finish for the cabinets along the walls:   

This is the finish for the island cabinets:  or 

    I was leaning toward the black. Maybe it's the Dawg in me... However, the fabrics I'm drawn to would look better with the chocolate.  Here are a few that I'm thinking about for curtains, chandelier shades and cushions, etc.



   I was planning to go with neutral colors in the dining room so that I can do more seasonal decorating in there than was able to do before. So, keeping the kitchen a little more neutral than in the past would also be a good idea, I think. In our last house, I had a different color on every wall, so this is a new concept to me.  

How would this look over the breakfast table with some cute shades, Mom?

Portfolio 6-Light Black Traditional Chandelier

     On another note, there is a great giveaway at  How I Met Your Father that you should check out if you are at all interested in True Prep. The prize is an autographed copy of the book. Hurry, it ends this Thursday. 
True Prep

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  1. Oh, I just love traditional style decorating! Though I live in S. Florida, I'm from Ky and love the fabrics you've chosen, especially the houndstooth! That chandelier is gorgeous. I have one very similar at our breakfast nook with the mini shades. Ballard Designs has several different varities, so I change them with the season and at Christmas, I decorated it with holly and berries (if I can find any live down here!) Gorgeous choices!

  2. By the way...I'm glad you enjoyed those recipes! I'm not a cook, by any means, but those are two recipes in which I actually excel! Glad to hear someone else enjoyed them.

  3. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing with me, glad to be here.
    I'm here from the Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower, please follow me back. I am new so please be patient with me, Thanks

  4. Oh I love your choice in chandaler! Go for it:)

  5. I like the chandelier but do you remember mine???I have grown to like it too so obviously I have no taste. I would have a hard time deciding between the black and brown island cabinets but I think you could put the fabrics with either one without much difference in overall effect - I think chocolate might be my choice - will you be using your black bar chairs or just your breakfast table? I put a table top Fall tree in my sunroom today - looking forward to adding a few critters in about two weeks.


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