October 25, 2010


    Okay, so right now in our little rental house we don't have a mudroom. But, soon, very soon, we will have one. Here's what I just did with the boys' backbacks...

   I found the iron initial hooks on sale for $7.50 at Hobby Lobby. I also have one for my husband and myself, but there's no room for them right now. The frames were $6 at Wal-mart.  Right up the road from us are a James St. and Henry St.  There is also one nearby with my maiden name, and there's a town not far from here called my husband's last name.  I printed them out at home on card stock so they wouldn't be too shiny, which only cost me a few pennies each.

  So, that's about $14.00 each for a cute (in my opinion) place to hang things in our soon-to-be mudroom.


  1. That looks great! If we ever get to build, I am definitely planning on a mudroom...love the concept!
    How convenient to have those street names so close.
    Big game this weekend...FL vs. UGA! Don't think y'all will have to much of a rough time pulling the W, we're playing so BADLY!

  2. It's about time UGA beats FLA. You guys usually psych us out before we even get there! I think we're both having a lousy season, right? Take care.


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