August 16, 2010

Forward Thinking

   "Forward Thinking" is usually a liberal buzzword (bleck!), but the forward thinking I'm guilty of this morning is of fall. Yes, autumn. I wonder if they have that here in So Georgia.  Here's what I'd like to see in a few weeks:
Fall Foliage, NC Mountains001Image by Bill Swindaman via Flickr

Here's what I'm going to see:
Pine trees are nice, but most of the pine trees around here were planted in rows. They're harvested about every 20 years, and then the lot will be either replanted or turned to farmland. The problem is that they are planted so close together that they don't grow to be nice, full trees. They look like brown and green q-tips.  

   I have been ready to pull out our fall clothes since mid-July, and I suspect it will be mid-October before I actually need to do it. Yesterday made it even worse - we watched our first football games of the season. Somehow, that just makes me think of fall. One annoyance of our little school is that the football season starts August 26 and ends November 5. It will barely be cool by then! Maybe our team will make the playoffs, so we can get a few extra games.
Last fall in So Georgia (before we moved). I miss you, my fall clothes!

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  1. Oh I'm so with you on this one. Autumn/Fall is my absolute favorite season. I love the colors, the smells, the weather, all of it. Everyone is neck deep in school and on a good, solid routine by then and the mountains just seem to be calling my name. We love to take a drive up to Evergreen, CO to see the Aspens, etc...I also love that it means Halloween and Thanksgiving are getting close.

  2. Oh to wake up to cool, crisp air and enjoy your morning coffee without having to bump the AC down to keep from breaking a sweat! I am thankful that I live in the north Georgia mountains with the assurance that yes, there will be a fall and it should arrive with it's first subtle chill before October. Don't you love to open your front door and be assaulted with the aroma of cinnamon and apples or pumpkin pies baking in the oven?

  3. That's not what I smell when I open my front door... :-)


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