August 9, 2010

Ready or Not...

   Well, ready or not, I've got students. Today is our first full day of school. I'm nervous about dealing with people of this age (feels strange calling them children) for the first time. What kind of impression do I want to make with them? I think I'm going to go for "she's nice, but you have to follow her rules." I have to set the right tone with my 6th period class; I pretty much have the ENTIRE 10th grade in my Spanish 1 class. Lord, have mercy! They have got to behave. Two of the boys in that class speak more Spanish than I do with one of them being from SPAIN! (WTH!) Thankfully, both of them seem super nice and respectful, so maybe they will be more helpful to me than trying to point out how little I know.

   Here's a picture of me with Boy 1 and Boy 2 on the first day of school. Aren't they so cute? 
   Any-hoo. No matter how it goes with the students, I must say that I have met some very nice people this week at the school.

   Ya'll take care!

P. S. Mom and Alison, you WILL want to check this out:


  1. Bless your heart. I know you're going to do well and these jitters are going to be something you're laughing about soon enough. Now, having two Spanish speaking students would be a little intimidating, but that could turn out to be a big help for you.
    Love your little men on their first day of school. We seem to have gotten really odd schedules, so we have one starting this morning, one tomorrow, two on Wednesday and one on Thursday. Nothing like trying to drive the mama completely loco on the first week of school. Let's all say a prayer for one another this week.

  2. Thanks, Susan, for the encouragement. You do have a wacky schedule this week, and I'll be happy to say a prayer for your family. Good luck.

  3. BTW...thanks for suggesting Polymath.


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