August 5, 2010

A Must See

Have you seen this movie?

Cover of Julie & Julia

If not, you must. It's called Julie and Julia, and it is so good. Mr. Perfect and I both loved it. Amy Adams is so cute, and Meryl Streep played Julia Child perfectly. It was inspiring on multiple fronts and just plain entertaining. One day, if we ever build this house we've been talking about so I can get my kitchen things out of storage, we've decided we're going to buy a copy of the book and try to work our way through it. 

Here's a link to the Julie/Julia blog, where it all started. Nobody here but us servantless American cooks...

Here's a blog post that a blogger wrote about Julie's blog. ha!

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  1. Alison and I watched Julie and Julia when she was here in April - I loved it. I remember watching Julia Child on TV and being afraid to try most of what she cooked. You'd never guess why...she used wine a lot in her recipes and I had never cooked with wine...guess I thought it was too sophisticated for me...not any more! Julia really was such a lovable klutz and no one portrayed her better comically than Dan Aykrod (sp?) on Saturday Night Live - how funny.

  2. I read your comment, okay! This past weekend was fun.


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