August 30, 2010

In a Hurry...

    Preparing to teach my Spanish classes has been keeping me very busy. However, I just HAD to make a comment about the weather. When I walked outside this morning to take Boy 1 and Boy 2 to school, it was actually cool with a slight breeze. It was SO nice. And, last evening, it actually cooled down enough for us to go outside and toss around the football without breaking a sweat. Even though it's going to go into the 90s again today, I can tell we're starting to make that shift to fall. I know I can hang in there for a few more weeks. I hope you have a super day!


  1. Send some of that "shift" my way. I'm dyin' here. Someone needs to give mother nature a kick to wake her up and tell her to move on.
    Muchas Gracias

  2. It has been really nice here in north Georgia - I'm ready to pull out all my fall decor (ha!) and start baking apple pies. I have noticed that for the past few days onion country has only been about six degrees warmer than apple land. We are noticing some red and yellow leaves as we sit gazing out our sunroom windows. BTW - the sunroom has been the best investment we have made lately. We'll give it the real test this winter to see if it is comfortably warm. We drove up to Amicolola Park Saturday night and had dinner with friends at the Lodge. The view was spectacular - couldn't help but think about our trip there with you and the boys. Fall is the best time of year to be in the mountains - festivals every weekend through Christmas.

  3. It was 73 degrees in Columbus, GA yesterday...we had a breeze too...I got to run outside for the first time in is warmer, but at least fall hasn't totally forgotten S WILL get here eventually!


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